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Pillarstone Productions

Artist, Animator, Writer and Director

Pillarstone Productions



Originally incorporated to facilitate and offer the skillsets of artist, animator, and writer/director Paul Bolger and his creative associates, PillarStone Productions has been providing both on-site and remote art, design, and direction to international producers, studios and projects since 1996.

Paul cut his teeth working on the animated classics The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven and The Thief & The Cobbler, Paul has designed, written and directed a host of animated and live action projects. His most recent involvement in animated features were the Sony/Aardman features Pirates - Band of Misfits and Arthur Christmas. PillarStone latest live-action short film, "Angus", is now completed and doing the festival route. His debut Graphic Novel, HOUND, a retelling of the Cú Chulainn myth is out now and the feature film adaptation is in development


From its base near Waterford, Ireland's oldest city, PillarStone Productions continues to build on the foundations laid by Paul. The company is currently developing a slate of original live action, animation and publishing feature films, series and other projects with like-minded co-producers and creative associates. 


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