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The Waterford Film Centre has a comprehensive range of equipment available to hire at non-commercial rates. This equipment is aimed at enabling film production to happen in the south east of Ireland.

Please note you must be a member of the Waterford Film Centre in order to rent equipment and an up-to-date membership is required for all hires.

For further information and for all enquiries on equipment hire just get in touch! All prices are subject to change. See the Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions attached.

Image by Cobro

PREMIUM PACKAGE (€235 per day. €1175 for 6 day week)

-Black Magic Ursa

-Acebil CH6 Tripod

-Sony CLM-V-55-LCD Screen

-Zeiss SLR Lens Pack

-Ledgo LED Panel Lighting Pack with stands & filters

-Zoom F8 Audio Recorder

-Sonic Interludes Shotgun Mic

-Rode Blimp Shield

-2 AKG Perception 4S Wireless Mics


MEDIUM PACKAGE (€145 per day. €725 per 6 day week)

-Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

- Sony CLM-V-55-LCD Screen 

-Samyang SLR Lens Pack

-LED Panels x2

-Zoom F8 Audio Recorder

-Sonic Interludes Shotgun Mic

-Rode Blimp Shield

- Manfrotto 504hd Tripod


BASIC PACKAGE (€60 per day. €300 per 6 day week)

-Canon 5D

-Tascam DR-70 Recorder

-Rode NTG-2

-Manfrotto Tripod 504hd Tripod 

-LED Panels x2

Equipment List


Black Magic URSA

Black Magic URSA mini

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Kit

Canon 5D m2



Canon Zoom – 24mm-70mm

Zeus’s SLR Lense Pack – 2/35mm, 1.4/50mm, 2.8/21mm, 2/28mm, 1.4/85mm

Samyang SLR Lense Pack – T2.2/135mm, T1.5/50mm, T1.5/24mm, T3.1/14mm, T1.5/35mm, T1.5/85mm



Tripod attachment VCT-U14 (base plate)

Vocas 19mm Balance Plate, BP-18

Opricon universal mount

Hague Camcorder shoulder kit

Mini shoulder Kit



Monfrotto 536 MPRO Tripod

Monfrotto 546GB Tripod

Aceail T1002 tripod

Monfrotto mini tripod

Jib Crane

Mid LV Tripp’s spreader



Sony CLM-V-55 lcd screen

Zacuto Z cage + Zacuto Pro 2.5 Loupe

Shoot 35 Follow Focus

Assortment of loose accessories

Assortment of batteries, chargers and memory cards




Zoom F8

Tascam DR-70D


Rolls Pro Mix IV(Stereo out)




Rode NTG 2

Rode NT 4

Rode NTG 4+

AKG Perception 4S (PT) Wireless microphone lapel packs x2

Rode Blimp Mic Sheild x1


Hand Booms x3

Tall Boom stand x2

Assortment of mic stands


XLRS & audio cables

Juiced Up, phantom power box

Sonic interlude headphones

Beyerdynamic DT150 headphones

SE Vocal booth

Dummies Head Baffle

Focus Right Liquid Mix


Ledgo led panel pack

Genarary medium led panel x2

Genarary small led panel

Led panel x2

Oceanic Redheads x2

Photo flex Silver Dome Pack (light box) x2

Kino Flo – Diva light 401 (large fluorescent)

Kino Flo – Mini Flo (fluorescent)


Assortment of stands

Assortment of clamps

Assortment of batteries & chargers

General Accessories

Kata Camera backpack

20’x20’ green screen

6’x9’ green screen

Green screen stand


Memory Cards

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