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Ollie Breslin

Script-Writing, Documentaries and producing.

Ollie Breslin


Ollie would be well known in Waterford as he has helped to run Waterford Youth Arts for many years. He explains how he started making documentaries ' When WYA moved to Barrack Street about ten years ago we thought it would be good to do something that linked WYA with the local older population and so we embarked on a small documentary that became 'Barrack Street An Cursa Fada' which was released in 2013. It took three years to find the money to get it completed and eventually Waterford Council came on board and since then Ollie has made six Social History Films and they have had a huge impact locally.

At present he is currently working on three Social History Films.

Social History Film on Tramore at Editing Stage

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Waterford Glass Workers is in Productions

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Waterford Cultural Quarter Stories from its Past is in


He is also working on a film drama with the working title of "Who Cares" which he plans to shoot in 2019. He sees this Project Resulting in a TV Mini Series

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