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Éadaoin Walsh


Creative Producer, Production Manager, Music Director, Soundtrack Creator

Éadaoin Walsh


I am a creative producer, managing WFC and Rigout Productions and some freelance film and theatre projects. My background is in music and my entry to theatre and film came from the desire to be a music director. I get to fulfill this part of my creative personality as soundtrack creator on some of the short films we make. I have producer credits on 'Making Lackendara Jim, Hermit of the Comeraghs aka An File, An Fís 's An Fuaim (Rigout Productions & Nemeton), 'Statement' (Short Circuits), In Your Dreams Boy (BOC, WYA), Spook (Dreamboat), Who Cares? (in collaboration with WYA) and The Machine (BOC, WYA).


We're in pre-production of two films at the moment: Imbolg (WFC Collaborative Production) and Check Out (Myself and Ollie Breslin). I love to work creatively and collaboratively. I do so with the team at WFC in order to achieve our aims of engaging with film makers locally and regionally. I think it's important to raise awareness of WFC, the benefits of membership and the capacity of its community to create excellent work. My intention is to increase the engagement with WFC within the film and business networks in Ireland to attract membership and finance that allows us to provide training and access to equipment but most importantly, to make some good movies.

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