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About the Waterford Film Centre

Waterford Film Centre is a non-profit, members based organisation dedicated to the development of film as an artistic medium in the South East of Ireland. To this end, we support filmmakers, community and youth groups through education and training, equipment provision

and information.


WFC has a Facebook group page where ongoing projects / training / technical queries are discussed - Look for Waterford Film Centre on Facebook.  Members include local emerging and established filmmakers, photographers /

videographers and writers. WFC is based at The Studios, The Forum, The Glen, Waterford.


Steering Committee:

  • Steven Stubbs, WFC Treasurer and filmmaker

  • Shauna Farrell, WFC PRO and filmmaker

  • Evin O’Neill, Dreamboat Films

  • Erik Trullio, Filmmaker and Colourist

  • Dean O’Sullivan, Actor, Writer filmmaker

  • Mary Sue Connolly, Documentary Filmmaker

  • Zack Shay, Film Development

  • Heather Troy Whelan, WFC Audio and Film Technician

  • Mary Gough – Film First Assistant Director on numerous Irish and UK Films and TV shows.

  • Conor Nolan – Screenwriter and Arts Officer

  • Ollie Breslin – Chairperson of WFC, and filmmaker

  • Ray Frisby - Filmmaker

  • Mick Daniels - Businessman and filmmaker

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